Connect, allow success and make it happen.  People, Ambitions and Craftsmanship

Where you need Management, sparring or consulting


When there is a need for pragmatic management, mobilising support for transformation in the operational technical environments that is where VDLC comes in. Catering for successfull transitions in situations calling for positive leadership to bring about vitality, agility and ownership. Commitment above and beyond, visionary and binding.


Reaching across silos your teams boost creativity, creativity boosts productivity, productivity gives results, results boost energy, feeding creativity. Clear goals, direction, professional autonomy, supporting, and connected. Creating conditions for success, that is . . . ; If you are not afraid to move out of the box, then call me at + 31 657331843  ... Or if you just want; Results, Quality, Time, Organisation, Financials & Risks well managed. In my approach it takes all players to make it work. The sum of successes will foster job-satisfaction and self-esteem. With my strong international management experience and expertise, I will team up to put into action the answers, set goals, line up the teams and roll out the plan.

Van der Leest Consultants | Interim Management


Coaching leadership style when organisational culture needs to be brushed-up. Bridging the gap, and bring about shared focus. Mobilising when potential should unfold, and results needs to be improved.


"Can we surpass the benchmark?"

Van der Leest Consultants | Interim Management


Change is the only constant. Rolling stones gather no moss. Keep your organisation fit for purpose. Innovation requires strategic tactical and pragmatic approaches for creative players.


"What does it take to make it work?"

Van der Leest Consultants | Interim Management


Sourcing out/in, set the terms, shape your concession contracts. Don't think fast, thinks sharp work the scenarios. Legally, technically, sustainable and thought through, respect relationships, yet firm on goals.


"How do we best roll out the strategy?"

Diverse and proven expertise forms the back-bone in the following areas:

A) The international profile, based on working and living experience in: The Netherlands, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Sierra Leone, Dubai, Finland, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Lesotho, RSA, Mauretania, Dutch Antilles (Saba, Bonaire, St Martin, Curacoa and St Eustatius), Rwanda

B) Technical management experience with in-depth involvement and practical sparring with engineers and scientists in: Ship Building & Repair, Civil & Mechanical, Water Supply, Oil & Gas, Biogas, Gas Extraction and Power Supply.

C) Experience in situations calling for leadership, financial en legal oversight in: Industry, Consulting, Engineering, Commercial and Governmental/Non-Profit.